Traveller’s diary – Parlez vous français?

Just Imagine. A final announcement by the cabin-crew that you are about to land in Paris. You are very excited, yet scared to land in this foreign land and even a bit cold as suddenly the aircraft’s air conditioning gets to you. The weather and the landscapes that you see from the plane seem to be [...]

Kolkata : Paris of the East – 5 things to do in the City of Joy

Same work, same desk and same city, a routine can get monotonous. No matter where you live, be it in India or abroad, an escapade is always needed, especially during summer. Many dream of beaches, mountains, parties etc., but if you are someone looking at a dip into a cultural feast, with colonial architectures, spirituality [...]

Foreigners’ retreat in Delhi – A list of four exotic restaurants in the Indian capital

Air pollution and dusty atmosphere in India’s capital city, New Delhi, make traveling difficult for tourists who are used to colder climates… Admist the rush of air-conditioned malls that have mushroomed in the culturally and historically rich city or the cinema halls, one might want to escape to a quiet place. For tourists, after a long [...]

Indian Meat Industry – Preparing for a Bigger Bite

In a country that is mainly vegetarian, meat production in India is estimated at 6.3 million tonnes, fifth largest in the world. As India is home to the largest cattle population in the world, the opportunities for development of the sector are large but challenges hamper its growth. It’s late in the afternoon and the [...]

A Video Report on Taiwan Lantern Festival – You thought Diwali firecrackers were crazy ? Discover Taiwan Lantern festival’s madness !

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a Buddhist tradition coming from mainland China and celebrated in continuation of the Chinese New Year celebrated in the month of January. Hosting the festival inauguration for the first time in its 28-year history, the south-western county of Yunlin displayed 3,000 lanterns on a plot of land spread over more [...]

A cultural walk in Madrid – Discover the top heritage spots of the kaleidoscopic Spanish capital

Why do most visitors never get tired of Madrid and soon want to come back to the Spanish capital? There are many reasons for that and each kind of tourists will find a good one to love the city. Madrid, is many cities in one: a busy city of more than 3 million inhabitants, an [...]