About me

It all started with the Eiffel Tower 

I was just 7 years old when my uncle brought us this small sparkling Eiffel Tower after a trip to Paris. He recounted us his journey and I was already dreaming to discover these incredible landscapes that he showed us through pictures. I spent my childhood imagining what lies  beyond my town in U.P and eventually in 2014, I took my first flight to Paris. This travel changed me forever, beyond the clichés, it has opened my eyes to many things… I could never be the same, I was meant to step out…

I travelled to 3 continents, 18+ countries and +100 cities. I am a freelance multimedia/documentary film maker and that allows me to be quite flexible in my assignments and when I am not travelling you’ll find me in New Delhi, capital of India.

Out of the box

I always felt kind of « out ». Out of my classroom in school, out of my friend group, out of the society, out of the box. I am often lost in the sky and my dreams take me to exotic places. I have a particular inclination towards the unknown and the mysteries of life ; my eyes see the details and not the whole picture…  I soon realised that the business career my parents dreamt for me was not possible. I was an artist and I was meant to capture these incredible moments that life offered me. I started my career as a graphic designer, had the opportunity to develop a multimedia production department, got familiar with video shooting. Added my designing sense to my documentaries and short films while editing, and produce them on different platforms including worldwide media houses and of course my own social media handles.

What you’ll find here

Basically photo essays and videos. I go with the thought that indeed « a picture talks a thousand words »,… yes its cliché but its true! Some people like to read some other prefer to watch, I fit amongst the second category. I click everything that strikes me, I like to build my stories through my videos often accompanied by VOs or text, VLOGs (in hindi and english, featuring myself going around and explaining about the place). So concretely you’ll find, destination photography and videos. I also did couple of resort/hotel videos reviews. I have explored the wilderness of South Africa, the luminous lantern festival of Taiwan, the romantic streets of Paris, I danced with the Zulu and the Lido de Paris dancers, celebrated Dusherra with the tribal community in Bastar, Chhattisgarh and many more things… I go and report wherever life takes me : I enjoy the moment, and well it does make me happy. And when happiness is here, it shows everywhere. So you too tell me if you felt it.

My equipment

Sony Alpha A7iii, Canon 5d mark iv, 5d mark iii, 7D Mark II, Different Lens, Crane, a DJI osmo mobile 2, a GoPro Hero 5, a tripod & my Iphone 7.

!!! Technology, photography & mobile providers/manufacturers, contact me to be featured/promoted on social media at v.garg@mediaindia.eu

Be in touch

I am open to any collaboration & FAMs trips with Tourism boards, hotels, airlines, tourism & technology products. You can mail me at : v.garg@mediaindia.eu

Follow me at

I am more active on my FB page & Instagram. Of course all my videos are featured by many travel media houses and on my Youtube channel.

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