Hermanus is a seaside town situated two hours drive from Cape Town in South Africa. It is popular as a whale watching destination, but also for its adventure activities, such as quad biking, trekking, sand boarding and white shark cage diving.

Situated on the southwestern coast of South Africa, the city of Cape Town is the perfect reflection of the rainbow nation’s melting pot of culture. MIG TV visited Cape Town last month : from Table Mountain to Robben Island, here is a compilation of the things to do and visit during your stay in this dynamic and artistic port city.
A few days back, I landed in Durban, South Africa. In the coastal province of Kwazulu-Natal, I discovered the history and traditions of the Zulu people, the largest ethnic group in the rainbow country, that is home to a melting pot of cultures from Africa, Europe and India.
With the modernisation, the Zulu people have slowly abandoned their traditional habitats and attires (that they only wear during special occasions) but they still follow a few traditions, based on the nature and their belief of the ancestral spirits.

Taiwan is a nation well-known for many specialities. It’s the country that manufactures most parts that go into any Apple product, and several big fashion brands like Nike or Uniqlo.​ ​But this island nation has a lot more to offer than that!

MIG TV, took the opportunity to visit this country and discover its very particular traditions mixing tribal, Chinese and Japanese cultures. An 8-day trip criss-crossing the island, from Taipei, the capital, to Tainan, a small city in the south.

In the first part of this video reportage, we will explore the oldest market of Taipei, Yongle, where we will bake some cakes, pray at a Buddhist temple and taste the local tea. We will then head towards Taichung for an exciting programme at Lipaho Land. We finally reach the Sun Moon Lake where we will visit a tribal village before sailing on the largest lake of Taiwan, located in the middle of the hills that dominate the landscape.


Here comes the second part of our trip to Taiwan. We go further towards the south of the country, to explore the Yunlin County and its exquisite local street food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We then head to the historic city of Tainan, occupied by the Dutch, the Chinese and the Japanese as its architectures and buildings testimony.


Why do most visitors never get tired of Madrid and soon want to come back to the Spanish capital? There are many reasons for that and each kind of tourists will find a good one to love the city. Madrid, is many cities in one: a busy city of more than 3 million inhabitants, an old royal, historical and political centre famous for its riveting nightlife, its glorious food and vibrant culture. Here is a list of Madrid’s top heritage spots, not to be missed !


The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a Buddhist tradition coming from mainland China and celebrated in continuation of the Chinese New Year celebrated in the month of January. Hosting the festival inauguration for the first time in its 28-year history, the south-western county of Yunlin displayed 3,000 lanterns on a plot of land spread over more than 50 hectares.
From Yunlin county, we headed to Yanshuei in the south-west, for the Beehive Fireworks and crackers Night, to discover other beliefs and traditions in celebration of the Lantern Festival. The celebrations are particularly impressive, a must do for all aventure lovers and thrill-seekers.